Submit Analysis

To make the computational approach widely available to the broader scientific community and general public, we provide here a tool to submit an agent list and obtain prioritization results. Both, chemical and non-chemical agents can be submitted.

For an input list of agents, the tool will apply following steps.

  1. Obtain the publication count for epidemiology and key characteristics of carcinogen contexts.

  2. Cluster the agents by chemical similarity and literature data

  3. Generate visualization plots such as tree, heat-maps

  4. Generate database coverage for chemical agents

How to submit an agent list :

You will need to -

  1. Create the agent list in the provided template (Download link)

  2. Upload the agent list to your Google-Drive

  3. Change the share setting of the file to "anyone with the link can access"

  4. Submit the link to the file to the below form.

Once the computation is completed, you will receive an email with a link to the results.