Cancer Agents Prioritization

It is an essential activity in cancer prevention strategies to evaluate the available evidence on an agent's potential of being a carcinogen. IARC Monographs are systematic, key and authoritative reports on such evaluations for the past 60 years. The evaluation is a complex, lengthy, interactive and decisive process. We have developed a database fusion, chemo-informatics and text mining driven computational approach for prioritizing agents for the evaluation process.

At this site, we make the approach available to everyone so any chemical and non-chemical agent can be submitted to the prioritization procedure. Follow the instructions in the submit analysis tab for it.

Project Team :

Dinesh Kumar Barupal, Assistant Professor, Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, New York, NY, USA

Mary Schubauer-Berigan, Programme Head, IARC Monographs, Lyon, France

Michael Korenjak, Scientist, Epigenomics and Mechanisms Branch, IARC, Lyon, France

Jiri Zavadil, Deputy Branch Head, Epigenomics and Mechanisms, IARC, Lyon, France

Kathryn Guyton, Senior Scientist, IARC Monographs, Lyon, France

Publication :

Dinesh Kumar Barupal*, Mary Schubauer-Berigan, Michael Korenjak, Jiri Zavadil and Kathryn Guyton "Prioritizing cancer hazard assessments for IARC Monographs using an integrated approach of database fusion and text mining" Environment International, 2021 DOI